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CSP Green Coffee Foundation

Course covers key concepts surrounding green coffee from bean to cup.

  • 480 francs suisses
  • Académie du Café

Description du service

Content includes applicable aspects of botany, coffee farming, processing, grading, storage, transport, markets, certifications, contracts, and more. Who is it for? Ideally suited for people new to the coffee industry. It is also suited for professionals, including: Importers, Logistics, Lab Managers, green coffee buyers, Roasters, Barista Trainer. What does it cover? * The course introduces basic concepts regarding: * Coffee production: botany & geographic cultivation * Farm management: harvest & processing methods * Coffee trading: logistics & contracts * Evaluation of green coffee: sensory & grading * Cupping different coffee species, defects & process Course duration: 1 day Course day: 9.00 to 16.30 o'clock, Lunch included in the course fee. Course language: English Examination: CSP Green Coffee Foundation: 5 points Theoretical examination according to the specifications of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is taken by the participants online examination within 21 days after the training. SCA COFFEE SKILLS PROGRAM CSP Green Coffee Foundation: 5 Points

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